About Us

Walambia Plastics Private Ltd. was originally known as Walambia Industries since 1986. Imports and trading of plastic raw materials and manufacturing of plastic products was primarily conducted under the proprietorship of Shree Nakoda Polymers and Walambia Industries respectively; which was later integrated as Walambia Plastics Private Ltd. in 2013.

We have been committed to and engaged in the business of imports & trading of plastic raw materials such as PP, PE, ABS, PC, EVA, TPU, PVC resins, bitumen, etc. along with manufacturing, exporting and supply of household plastic products, plastic novelties, gift articles, etc. The company has established a concrete distribution channel with a well-defined number of wholesalers and several wholesale retailers, thus facilitating mass sales. Moreover, with unwavering commitment to quality we have garnered a steady and substantial customer base across the country.

With each passing financial year, we have witnessed a steady growth of our company owing to the practice of consistency, reliability, innovation and efforts that provide value to our customers by way of our dependable customer relations. We use certified-grade raw materials from local producers such as Reliance Ind., Supreme Petrochem, IOCL, OPAL, Styrolution, etc. We also deal in HDPE, PS, PMMA, etc. and are associated with All India Plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) and All India Plastic Traders Association (AIPTA).